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Permanent cosmetics is a color applied beneath the surface of the skin to create beauty that won't run, smear or smudge. It saves time for the busy woman, and is great for women who have difficulty applying their makeup, lead active lifestyles, or are allergic to conventional cosmetics.  Permanent Cosmetics is a great option for alopecia and chemotherapy.

We offer a 20% discount for Military & Students (with an ID card)

Pre-Procedure Instructions:

  1. Use mild soap (for your skin type) and non-oily moisturizer for several days prior to your procedure.

  2. Do not tweeze, wax or have electrolysis or get sunburned for one week prior to treatment.

  3. Advise your technician if there is any chance that you could be pregnant or are taking blood thinners.

  4. If you have had FEVER BLISTERS in the past, you MUST take prescription Valtrex, 1500 mg in a single does prior to treatment.

  5. If you are a lip client with Mitral Valve Prolapse, you MUST obtain a prescription for prophylactic antibiotics.

  6. Do not use asprin or ibuprofen (Advil) for two weeks prior to treatment. Use TYLENOL if you need pain relief. Advise your technician if you are on "blood thinners".

  7. You can take Vitamin C and calcium prior to your appointments to help healing, but NOT Vitamin E.

  8. DO NOT take any pain killers or tranquilizers prior to treatment. You CANNOT take Benadryl and drive yourself. It may be necessary to call someone to pick you up after your procedure if your technician requests that you do so.

  9. Do not consume any alcohol the night before your procedure.

  10. Do not consume caffeine the day of your procedure.

Post-Procedure Instructions:

  1. Clean area several times a day by splashing cool water, then reapply Healquick lightly. If any itching occurs, you may use an over the counter Hydrocortisone cream, but NOT around the eye-liner. Apply only a light coating and DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY IN THE EYES. It is natural that some flaking will occur. DO NOT PICK/SCRATCH FLAKES OR SCABS.

  2. Do NOT go into the sun or swimming pool for a week. Wear sunscreen with an SPF 15-25 to protect your face.

  3. Take Advil or Tylenol as necessary for discomfort. Cold packs to the procedure area can be used for the first 24 hours. After that time, warm washcloths can be applied to the area to decrease swelling.

  4. You may shower on the day of the procedure as usual.

  5. You can expect mild to moderate swelling, redness, bruising and/or bloodshot eyes following eyeliner procedure.

  6. Operate a motor vehicle after the procedure at your own risk. Do NOT look in the rear view mirror at your new make up. Wait till you get home.

  7. if eyeliner procedure is done, a new container of mascara is a MUST. Old eye makeup can contaminate wounds.

  8. If you have FEVER BLISTERS, you may have to repeat your Valtrex dosage on day three or four if you start to outbreak. Valtrex 1500 mg.

  9. RETIN-A and facial peels may remove permanent cosmetic color, so avoid applying these over your permanent cosmetics.

  10. If you have any concerns or questions, call your technician.

Special Instructions

What you need to know about Permanent Cosmetics: The State of Idaho does not regulate, control or license tattoo or permanent cosmetics. Therefore, anyone can purchase the equipment and perform permanent cosmetics without the proper training or skills. I am a certified permanent cosmetic advanced specialist, with years of experience. I received my training in Arizona, where it is heavily regulated by the state. This specialized training ensures that I am performing the safe and proper application of permanent cosmetics. My business, Timeless Permanent Cosmetics LLC, is registered with the State of Idaho and the City of Boise. I am also fully insured to conduct my permanent cosmetic business. I use advanced techniques and equipment that is specifically designed for the application of permanent cosmetics. These techniques and equipment ensure the most comfort and best results for my clients. In order to achieve this, I use topical anesthetics and the best permanent cosmetic pigmentation available. These permanent cosmetic pigmentations stay true to color and is a dye that is implanted into the dermal layer of skin. Unlike traditional tattoo ink, it will not change to a bluish-green hue over time. Permanent cosmetics never wash off, however, they will need a touch up or refreshing every two or more years depending on the care of the permanent cosmetics and body chemistry.

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Timeless Permanent Cosmetics

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Cancellation Policy

My clients are very important to me! If you schedule an appointment and have to cancel, or reschedule any please provide me with 24 hour notice. This way I will be able to adjust my schedule accordingly and may be able to accommodate other clients on my waiting list.

* Prices and Duration are starting point quotes and they can change for many reasons.

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