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15% OFF

15% off infrared sauna

Valid: Now to Apr 30, 2019 11:55 PM

At Bloom Healing Botanical Spa, we focus on breaking inflammatory cycles and stimulating the lymphatic system to create a lasting and sustainable change in the skin, body, and spirit. Our new infrared sauna complements our plant and energy based skin care practices, beautifully, as it it much gentler than traditional saunas. Infrared lightwaves penetrate the body to raise its core temperature from within, so even those who don’t typically tolerate the sauna do well with infrared.

Fine Print

Sauna session must take place during the month of April 2019. If scheduling with another service, it is preferred and most effective to use the sauna first. The sauna accommodates 1 person at a time.

About Bloom Healing Botanical Spa

At Bloom Healing Botanical Spa, we are using the quest for physical beauty and comfort as a path to awakening and enlightenment. The more loving and compassionate we are to ourselves – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – the more we are able to lavish our gifts upon the rest of the world. Impeccable self-care is paramount to living our best lives and being fully express, as the way we treat ourselves is the upper limit of how we can treat others.Through the potency of whole plants, crystals, and the intentional human touch, we focus on nurturing and unburdening the body so that it can be its most vibrant and luminous self. Stepping away from aggressive and forceful self-care practices to embrace those rooted in love and appreciation, we are able to break inflammatory cycles. In so doing, we create space and possibility for the body to reclaim its natural state of health, beauty, and youthfulness.Unwind. Observe. Connect. Enjoy. Bloom!

Bloom Healing Botanical Spa
525 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, California 94610