Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC

Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC

Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC



Dawn Trudeau aRegistered Nurse, and Wellness Coach is licensed in the state of MA and RI. Sheis also a Certified Addiction Specialist (American Academy of HealthcareProviders in the Addictive Disorders), Medical Cannabis NurseEducator(Certified Budtender Educator and Specialist), Skincare & BodyImage Artistry and Nutritional Consultant (Certified First Line Therapy andCertified Riordan Clinic Protocols).

Dawn's experienceboth Traditional and Alternative Medicine is ideal to assist herpatients/client's working in collaboration with other practitioners.

On your first visit,Dawn takes the time to discuss thoroughly about your emotional, mental andphysical health. Based on your case requirements and in accordance with yourcomfort, an individualized recommendation plan will be suggested. Dawn has aspecial interest in bringing awareness to the mind-body connection usinghomeopathy, lifestyle counseling, magnetic, microcurrent, body image artistryand nutritional support in her practice. Dawn uses a variety of modalities forthe best comes.  Dawn is driven toeducate , inspire and empower those around her. Dawn's amount of research withpsychosocial development and understanding the emotional roots of our ailmentshas led her to the belief that all pathologies are related to the suppressionof emotions.


Conditions oftenaddressed:

Acid reflux



Skin problems

Weight loss/gain

Menstrual issues,women's health

Stress and anxiety

High cholesterol

Diabetes mellitus


Autoimmune disorders



Chronic pain

Lifestyle counseling

Fertility issues



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Call to schedule appointments. 774-264-9600.

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Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC

Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC

Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC

Ageless Beauty Medical Spa, LLC

We accommodate all our patients by being mobile. We can come to you or your facility.,
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